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About us

Allan Baker Associates is a company meeting the demand for advice from commerce and industry striving to comply with safety legislation.  The current focus of Allan Baker Associates is on fire safety, fire risk and business continuity but primarily addressing the challenges raised by the introduction of the Fire Safety Order on 1 October 2006.


What services do we provide?



Advice on your workplace:

      How likely is it that your premises will catch fire?

      How safe from the effects of fire are all the people who come into your premises (employees, contractors, visitors etc)?

      Does your evacuation plan work, how effective is it?

We can give you advice on all these issues.




Guidance on fire safety issues:

      You’ve had a visit from your local fire and rescue service, they’re not happy with your fire risk assessment, what do you do?

      You’ve had a minor fire and you want to make sure the same thing doesn’t happen again, what do you do?

      You’re not sure if your fire risk assessment is suitable and sufficient, what do you do?

We can give you guidance on all these issues.



Reassuring you as an employer, occupier or owner.

      Are you the ‘responsible person’ mentioned in the order?  What does that mean?

      Is a fire risk assessment like an MOT, only valid on the day it is done?

      How often should you re-visit the assessment and when should you do it again?

We can give you reassurance on all these issues.

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