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Mission and terms of business

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Our mission

To utilise safety and safety management skills and offer small and medium sized companies safety and safety management advice aimed at enabling them to comply with current legal and moral standards.

Fires safety plan

Our terms of business

We, Allan Baker Associates, will maintain a professional relationship with clients that upholds and enhances the public perception of the safety profession.  In particular, we will:

  • agree with clients a clear brief for consultancy work;

  • agree working and charging arrangements;

  • agree the scope and manner of reporting, including any copyright or patent issues that arise from our work;

Reports will be completed in a reasonable amount of time If possible, within three working days, an e-mail will be sent with the report attached in a .pdf format.  This can be supported by a hard copy sent by Royal Mail if necessary or if requested;


Reasonable care, skill and diligence will be exercised in the formulation of reports and provision of the service although no guarantee can be given that all risks have been identified, all the controls recommended and it is completely accurate.  Clients have a part to play in ensuring that we can operate in a way that is conducive to optimum working, (for example, this could include the provision of suitable plans);
Clients are cautioned that a report is solely for their benefit and that we are not legally qualified.  If a legal argument arises, a legal opinion should be sought;
We will  not work for more than one client simultaneously on the same case without the express consent of all clients;
We will not solicit improperly for work by making exaggerated claims or by attacking the reputation of other consultants;
In the case of expert witness services, we will confine our evidence to matters on which we can speak with authority from personal knowledge and experience;
We will protect the ‘intellectual rights and confidentiality of  clients and not disclose information to any third party without the full and explicit written authorisation of the client concerned.


We retain the right to stop providing services in the face of a dilemma involving professional standards or conscience and no claim of liability can be made if we can prove that we have adhered to Allan Baker Associates Code of conduct (adopted from the IOSH Code of Conduct), or its spirit.  Although, nothing in these terms or conditions shall exclude or limit a liability for fraud, death or injury caused by negligence or for any liability which cannot be excluded or limited under the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977.